Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
The SONiVO SW100 Bluetooth Speaker combines slick and stylish design with modern technology.
With built-in Bluetooth technology the speaker gives you a way to enjoy streaming your music wirelessly from your hand-held device or laptop. As well as being great for listening to your music, the SW100 also doubles up as a wireless speakerphone, allowing you to make and take calls directly from the speaker without ever needing to interact with your mobile device. Made from a high quality brushed aluminium, the SW100 will look stylish anywhere in your home but also make it suitable to be used outdoors as the outer casing will protect the inner contents of the speaker. Included with in the box is a 3.5mm headphone cable so if you own a device without Bluetooth, you can still enjoy the great sound from the SW100.
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SW100 Speaker
• Wireless and wired connection
• Bluetooth Version 3.0
• Integrated rechargable battery
• Up to 18 hours music playback
• Up to 10 hours talk time
• Built-in microphone for voice calling

Colours Available

Can I connect more than one SW100 to one media device?
+ No, only one media device can be connected to the SW100 at any one time. To pair a new device disconnect the speaker and the currently paired device.

I paired one device but cannot connect another device
+ The SW100 only allows for one device to be connected at any one time. If you wish to add pair a new device you have to disconnect the currently paired device.

The speaker is not being found by my laptop
+ Laptops and computers do not always appear as discoverable, you will need to check the settings on your laptop or computer to see if it discoverable by other devices.